Industry standards are the basis for electric infrared heaters for going mainstream


Because of global communications and logistics, the world is getting smaller by the day. Goods and services move independent of, and irrespective of, state borders.  With increasing globalization, the need for commonality in form of industry standards grows.


As already reported in the Position Paper on electric infrared heater article, the sector of electric infrared heaters is lacking some important industry standards that are widely adopted by stakeholders. This is especially true in the building sector, where industry standards are imperative to turn products into mainstream technology.

This article is the first in a “Industry Standards in Detail” series that provides more insights on this topic.

The importance of industry standards is best summarized by the statement of Mr. Craig Barrett, former CEO of Intel:

quotation on the importance of standards

This statement is directly applicable to the value chain of the electric infrared heaters sector.

The benefits of industry standards for market participants


A globally inclusive and market driven standards paradigm ensures strong market integration. As a benefit to society, it also increases synergies along the value chain.

Industry standards enable …

  • manufacturers  to lower their investments in money, time and personnel for improving existing products and developing new ones;
  • distributors to convey their marketing messages based on reproducible and documented facts, thereby establishing their credibility;
  • regulators to make decisions of “what” gets preferred market access in order to protect the health and wellbeing of the public, as well as for government procurement purposes;
  • planners to achieve planning reliability and legal certainty especially in the building sector, where architects and engineers decide “who” is getting preferred market access;
  • users to enjoy more product choices and compare product performance, thereby getting better value for the money spent.

Industry Standards for electric infrared heaters


A closer look at the sector of electric infrared heaters reveals that industry standards can be attributed to three major areas:

industry standards categories


The following articles in this “Industry Standards in Detail” series will highlight each one of these three areas and their related standards.



Mr. Oswald Oberladstatter, ME
Perl, Germany