A major energy retrofit of a German single family home including electric infrared heaters


Currently, in Germany about 85 percent of all renewable energy sources used for heat generation are biomass-based products. However, with regard to the European climate goals for 2020 and beyond, changing German building code regulations point the way towards a more electricity based renewable energy system.

Photovoltaic systems generate electricity directly from the sun and are now on the market for a long time. Over the last decade their prices dropped drastically to a point where they are increasingly becoming an affordable mass product.

On the other hand, battery storage units are relatively new to the market, with only about 15.000 units installed in German homes over the last few years. In most cases, those battery units are connected to the photovoltaic system as well as to the public power grid.

Longer on the market, but still a niche product in the building industry, are electric infrared heaters. Given proper building conditions, their big advantage is that they provide thermal comfort for an affordable price.


In this respect, the question arises, how does one come to the conclusion that this specific combination of technologies is the most promising for a “real world” building energy retrofit project. 


To find that out, we would like to present this preliminary “Project Report #1” which gives an overview on the decision-making process and the components finally chosen for a major energy remodeling job for a German single family home.


For downloading the “Project Report #1” please click here.



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