Electric infrared heaters in a poorly insulated concrete building


At the time when the previous article about case study nr. 2 was published, the study only contained about 30 pages. After several major additions and modifications, now the study grew up to 105 pages in length. Several important chapters had been added: 

Detailed annual operating costs since 2011 of the previous electric storage heaters versus the new electric infrared heaters.

Further, several chapters deal with a comparisons of energy consumption, CO2 emissions and costs. A comprehensive total costing comparison with common German hydronic heating systems is included.

Also, an extensive chapter on possible improvements in regards to the positioning of controls and electric infrared heaters as well as the suitability of various building materials was added. This information is important for new construction as well as for remodelling projects.

The case study nr. 2 with an updated 30-pages excerpt can be downloaded here.

The full-length 105 pages case study nr. 2 is now offered for sale by the author’s company ehaus2020.  To request the full-length case study nr. 2, please send an email to ehaus2020@gmail.com.



Oswald Oberladstatter, ME
Perl, Germany
September 2016