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by invitation of eihap, it is with great pleasure that, as its Executive Director, I may introduce you to the Japan Far-Infrared Rays Association (JIRA). The purpose of this introduction is that of an initial step to promote future communication and cooperation activities between the Japanese and European far infrared technology sectors.   

JIRA is an association organized by companies in Japan developing their business in the far-infrared world.

Far-infrared radiation is widely utilized in various areas such as heating, drying, room conditioning, cooking, and also medical purposes. Its advantage lies in energy controllability, energy saving, and especially high efficiency.

The association is devoting its business to promote the far-infrared industry and to protect consumers. It is the only public-service corporation in Japan.




JIRA investigates, studies and collects information about far-infrared rays devices and technologies.

JIRA disseminates related technologies.

JIRA cooperates and exchanges information with domestic and foreign organizations.

JIRA promotes products and services of their industry members.

JIRA protects the well-being of consumers in the field of far-infrared radiant technologies.




June 1990  Started as a voluntary group of Japanese companies in the far-infrared technology sector.

June 1992  Established the Japan Far-Infrared Rays Association – JIRA.

October 1996  Created an Association Mark and established a product certification system.

June 1997  Implemented the certification system for the product categories of electric kotatsu, electric ovens and gas grills.

September 1997  Expanded the certification system to the product categories of textiles and related products.

April 1998  Further expanded the certification system to the product categories of oil heaters and electric heaters.

March 2002  Established the Japanese Industry Standard  JIS Z 8117 (Glossary Of Far-Infrared Radiation Terms).

April 2002  Involvement in establishing the Japanese Industry Standard  JIS R 1801  (Method Of Measuring Spectral Emissivity Of Ceramic Radiating Materials For Infrared Heaters By Using Fourier Transformation Infrared Radiometry – FTIR).

March 2005   Involvement in establishing the Japanese Industry Standard  JIS R 1802  (Methods For Surface Temperature Measurement Of Far-Infrared Specified Heaters By Thermocouples).

March 2005   Involvement in establishing the Japanese Industry Standard  JIS R 1803  (Method For The Spectral Radiant Energy Measurement Of Far-Infrared Heaters In The Far-Infrared Region).

September 2010   Revision of the certification system rules, name changes of product categories, addition of new items.




1)            Investigations and Research

Research conducted by JIRA voluntarily. Research conducted by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry etc.

2)           Collection and Provision of Information

Collecting basic information and offering it to JIRA members. Publication of the JIRA bulletin etc.

3)            Promotion and Enlightenment

– offering information via its website
– organizing symposiums
– holding workshops
– cooperation (information exchange and cooperation with domestic and foreign organizations).




image of organization structure of Japan Far Infrared Rays Association (JIRA)



For further information on the Japan Far-Infrared Rays Association (JIRA), please visit our website at


Mr. Shigeyuki MIYA

Executive Director
Japan Far-Infrared Rays Association (JIRA)
Tokyo, Japan

December 2016