Now that Christmas 2016 is just behind us, eihap looks back at a short and rather busy year 2016.

eihap was established in February 2016, with the first article published in March 2016. Since then, the content on the eihap website primarily focused on the topics of

performance testing methods,

market conditions, and

building project examples 

with electric infrared heaters.


With the help of contributing authors, in these short 10 months  eihap published the largest industry-neutral collection of studies, documents and articles about electric infrared heaters on the web.

To extend that work even further, eihap shifts its content focus in the coming year.


In 2017, one of the focal points will be on establishing an international communication network about electric infrared heating. That creates the necessary background for founding an European Infrared Alliance, as well as for the collaboration of infrared alliances around the world in order to extend the global market reach.

This process already started in December 2016 with an introductory article of the Japan Far-Infrared Rays Alliance (JIRA).


Another focal point will be on European Standards for different aspects of electric infrared heating. This includes EU Standards in regards to

electrical safety,

electromagnetic radiation,

Waste of Electronic and Electrical Equipment (WEEE),

EU EcoDirective for local space heaters,

a forthcoming EU Standard on product performance testing,

as well as a new voluntary product-quality testing procedure.


Further, eihap introduces guidelines for architects and engineers on the important topic of engineering calculations for electric infrared heating systems in buildings.

In conjunction with that, an industry-neutral Question and Answer (Q&A) section on the various applications of electric infrared heaters will be made available on eihap to educate market participants, consumers, engineers and regulators alike.


Especially for applications in industrial processes, for heating systems in buildings and for personal wear and care products, electric infrared heating technology is only at the beginning to capture significant global market share.

May the coming year 2017 provide another very successful step in that direction !




Oswald Oberladstatter, ME
Perl, Germany
December 2016