As stated in the eihap article eihap – a 2016 review and 2017 preview, a new “Q&A” section has been added to the eihap website.


The following topics are “Part 1” on Q&A:

What is infrared heat?
Is infrared heat harmful for humans?
What has infrared heat to do with human biology?
What is an electric infrared heater?
What is the difference between “infrared heater” and “radiant heater”?
Why are some electric infrared and radiant heaters advertised with very high efficiency numbers?
Why do many manufacturers not publish performance numbers?
What constitutes a good electric infrared space heater?
What are the most important technical features of an electric infrared heater?
What about electric infrared heaters and electromagnetic radiation?

From time to time, more topics will be added, and existing topics will be updated when necessary.



Oswald Oberladstatter, ME

Perl, Germany
January 2017